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HW Due. 10/1

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Math- Pg. 499 #’s 11-16 Algebra Book. Pg. 270 #s 29 ,32 ,36 , 53 ,55 ,60-63 and pg. 274 #s 16, 18, 19, 20, 38, 39, 51, 54, 64  Integrated Algebra Book.

ELA- Study for test next Monday.

Science- Study Workbook A pgs. 113-114 #s 1-5. Don’t forget to bring Lab pg. 9 and 17 for tomorrow.

S.S.- None but you should start working on your project.

Spanish- In a paragraph. write in English. which presentation did you like the best. Don’t forget to answer the Exit Slip question too.


HW Due. 9/30

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Math- In the new book pg. 499 #s 3-8,10. In the old one, pg. 270 #s 12-22 even, 39, 41,59 c+d and pg. 274 #s 21-26, 58 and 59.

ELA- Full period exam on literary terms next Monday. Hw on plot and theme will be checked on Friday.

Science- Study Workbook A pg. 107

S.S.- Read pgs. 590-594. Pg. 594 1a-d,2 and 3.

Spanish- Write what you are going to say for your presentation on an index card.

Science Study Guide

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Science Test Study Guide

Science HW for the week

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HW#11- Study Workbook A pg. 107 Due. 9/30

HW#12- Study Workbook A pgs. 113-114 #s 1-5 Due. 10/1

HW#13- Techbook “Cell Division” Due. 10/2

HW#14- Study Workbook A pgs. 157-158 #s 1-5 Due. 10/3

S.S. Project Document

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Due. Friday industrialization_organizer_sp for our project

HW Due. 9/29

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Math- Pgs. 102-103 #’s 2-18 even, all of 19, and #s 24-27. Don’t write out the questions. Only do so for # 19.

ELA- From your independent reading book, find an excerpt that helps explain the theme of your book. Look at the “Exploring Big Ideas” handout and choose a topic that is relevant. Turn it into a theme supported by textual evidence in your reading notebook (Read for 1/2 hour).

Science- Study for our test. A study guide will be posted soon. Start working on your project.

Spanish-Write a paragraph with/using vocabulary about the weather. Also finish your project (The essay and the art component). Study for our test next Thursday.

S.S.- Write a diary entry. All details are on edmodo, pupipath, and Also start working on your project.

HW Due. 9/24

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Math- Finish Line book pg. 20 and 21 #’s 1-3, 5 and 6 (In book). Red txtbk pg. 59 #s 64-66, 72-74 (On looseleaf). Finish numbers 16-20 for our 4 4’s classwork in notebook. Don’t forget to sign your test in your notebook.

ELA- In your reader’s notebook identify the plot structure and create a plot chart for as far as you can. Identify teh conflict and esplain the type of conflict and why it occurs.

Science- Photosynthesis Techbook Assignment

S.S.- Journal Entry. Documents can be found on pupilpath or edmodo.

Spanish- Write a paragraph using different numbers.

HW Due 9/23

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Math- Check edmodo, pupilpath, or for any updates.

ELA- Write an entry in your Reader’s notebook, identify the narrative perspective of your main character and explain how you know this to be true.

Science- Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic assignment in the techbook.

S.S.- pg. 589 #1f, 2c-d, and 5. You can skip numbers 1 and 2 if you want to. Also finish the classwork. Don’t forget to bring in a glue stick for tomorrow’s classwork.

Spanish- Use one of the rules we discussed in class and place on a word document. Make sure the orientation of the document is landscape and the font of the rule is large with an image. Make it creative and presentable.

Science Homework for the Week

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HW #9 Techbook “Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells” Due 9/23

HW #10 Techbook “Photosynthesis” Due 9/24

Updated Spanish Project Rubric

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This is the link to the updated Spanish rubric that we were supposed to print out.

HH project CCLS informational rubric.1411123344